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Interview Nr. 10 mit Sandra Jacob

Interview Nr. 10 mit Sandra Jacob

When and where did you began running?

My first memory of running a race was when I was 5 years old. It was the interschool sports and I came last in the 50 yard dash – so, at the grand old age of 5 I decided I was not a runner.

However, I was always outside and played many sports, therefore also running in some way or another. I was a good sheepdog on the farm where I grew up – nothing better than running across rough fields to develop the proprioception! My main sports were golf and swimming, and I did a bit of running in fun runs and triathlons before I left Australia 30 years ago. Since then it was mainly tennis, but a tennis elbow prompted me to start running to keep fit. That was about 8 years ago.


Which were your personal highlights in running / at competitions?

What I like about running is the freedom you have – you can go anywhere at any time and in any weather. In addition, in contrast to sports like tennis where there is a lot of competitive and sometimes not very friendly behavior, all runners are happy for each other whether you are fast or slow – it’s great when people you know do their personal best or even just participate. Team events are also great. It’s been a motivating to keep improving my times – that’s the advantage of starting to run when you are already older because you don’t have PBs from the younger years! I guess my best recent result was the second place in my age group in the Basler Stadtlauf – a big surprise for me!